Short-Course Programs

Advanced Management Program

College of Information and Cyberspace

CIC Fellows

The Advanced Management Program (AMP), a course in the Information Resource Management College (IRMC)--also know as the iCollege, is a fourteen week graduate-level program that provides information resource managers with an integrated understanding of policies, legislation, and recent acquisition reforms. Graduates will be able to form effective managerial partnerships to effectively justify, allocate, and apply information resources to mission requirements in compliance with regulatory, policy, and ethical standards. The Core Program, required of all students, provides coverage of the elements of Information Resource Management (IRM) from the perspective of the Chief Information Officer and other IRM officials. These elements include IRM policy; planning and implementing an enterprise information infrastructure; aligning technology with organizational structure and processes; and acquiring technologies to support efficient and effective government operations. It includes opportunities for field studies to industry and government agencies to see how organizations plan and use information technologies. Applicants should have a background in information resources management, should be capable of writing original essays in English at the graduate level, and should be familiar with using basic computer applications such as word processing and the Internet.  During this course, dependents are not authorized to accompany students.

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Homeland Defense Fellows Program

College of International Security Affairs

The Homeland Defense Fellowship (HDF) program is a fourteen week-long program awarding up to eight graduate-level credits to qualified students. Upon completion of the course, the students should be able to think critically about strategic challenges to reduce the preconditions, risks, and effects of terrorism.  Students work to increase their understanding of the emerging threats to the homeland and of the possibilities for organizing effective responses. Students leave the program with a certificate of completion. This program is offered at the College of International Security Affairs at the National Defense University campus on Fort McNair.

The HDF program is conducted with both classroom and field experience in homeland defense strategies.

During this course, dependents are not authorized to accompany students.

Photo of CISA Students Photo of CISA Students