NDU International Alumni Program

Purpose of the Alumni Program

The purpose of ISMO's International Alumni Program is to create a network of security practitioners around the globe who share a common background as former International Fellows at NDU and to provide continuing education on critical security issues.  Currently, over 4500 International Fellows from 146 countries have graduated from the National Defense University and are serving in the armed forces, government, and industry.  
We invite you to use the tools described below to reconnect with your classmates and the University and stay current in the critical security topics which matter most to you.  

Stay Connected

Use these tools and resources to stay connected to NDU, your classmates, and fellow alumni around the globe.

NDU Alumni Email for Life:

Through a partnership with Google Apps for Education, NDU offers a free lifetime email account to alumni.  The email is based on a Google platform and uses the @ndualumni.org alias.  You can use the email to look up contact information for other alumni in the system and receive updates and resources from NDU.  If you would like to sign up for an account, please fill out this brief online application.  An email will be created for you and the information sent to your personal email. 

Find us on Facebook: 

Visit the NDU International Alumni Facebook page to receive timely news and updates from NDU and your classmates.  We post updates multiple times each week, so drop by frequently (and leave a message!).

News and Updates

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Continuing Education Content

Use these resources to continue your education.  For additional resources, visit the Continuing Education page on NDU's website. 

MERLN – MERLN (the Military Education Research Library Network) is a comprehensive website devoted to international military education outreach.  It represents a consortium of military education research libraries that work together to provide access to a variety of unique electronic resources for the use of researchers and scholars. Please email ISMO at ismo@ndualumni.org for help getting your login information. If you need any help navigating MERLN or need a refresher on the program, there is a 15-minute tutorial online which provides an overview of the resources available. 

Continuing Education Seminars – Since 2011, ISMO has held continuing education seminars in locations around the globe as a way to provide critical continuing education on international security topics and allow International Fellows alumni to stay connected to each other and the University. U.S. alumni residing in the region are also encouraged to attend. Past events have been held in the Czech Republic, Australia, Morocco, Dubai, Bangkok, Poland, Austria, Colombia, Estonia. Our next event will be in 2024.  Additionally, every four years an International Fellows Security Seminar & Reunion is held in Washington D.C. for all graduates.  The last event was in September 2021, and our next reunion will be in 2025.  To stay informed of these seminars, please update your contact information in the Alumni Update Form.  We look forward to seeing you at the next event!