SpICE Policies & Procedures

Two important rules and a few simple policies: It’s all just common sense!

SpICE Program Rule Number One: Family comes first!

SpICE Program Rule Number Two: When in doubt, refer to Rule Number One!

Bad Weather Policy:
We will implement the FAMILY COMES FIRST rule if we need to cancel a SpICE program activity due to weather related problems.

So, if it looks like bad weather is coming, go to WTOP, tune in to News Radio 103.5 FM, or turn on TV News Channel 8 or ABC 7 News. Then, look for the SpICE Program on the list of closings and cancellations. An email will also be sent out to the entire group announcing any cancellation. In the event of a weather related cancellation, any planned SpICE program activity will be rescheduled IF POSSIBLE!

Preschool-aged Children:
Children are welcome at SpICE Program meetings and activities provided they have reached a maturity level where they can behave in a classroom setting without causing disruption. This means that while the SpICE Program is in session, they must be quiet and well behaved.

Phones and Beepers:
All are OK in the meeting room. But, conversations should be held outside of the meeting room.

Dress Code:
Relaxed and casual! Advance notice will be given for special events.

Spouse Club:
Support your local spouse club! We hope to exchange and explain information on tours & activities!

The standard NDU non-attribution policy is in affect. WHAT WE SAY HERE, STAYS HERE!

Bad Traffic:
We are flexible. Since traffic is always a problem, we have an open door policy so if you are late, it is not a problem– just come! If you have to leave early, we hate to see you go, but we all know about Rule #1. The only exception is when we are going off site. Transportation will leave ON TIME!

Topics of Discussion:
As in any gathering of polite society, debating religion or political differences is STRONGLY DISCOURAGED. Other than that, anything and everything goes.

Food & Drink:
Fancy or plain is OK as long as it’s good. Recipes that include items like pork, nuts or shell fish must be plainly labeled. Don’t forget to bring in the recipe! Let’s help out our cookbook committee!

Taking and sharing photos is HIGHLY encouraged!

Presentations & Briefings:
Although everyone is encouraged to make a presentation, IT IS NOT REQUIRED! Topics are almost limitless and can include but, are not limited to: your special religious, secular, social, or national holidays, a favorite hobby, or a cultural activity. The hardest part of doing a briefing is fitting the material within the time limit: 20 – 30 minutes maximum!

Country Briefings:
Country Briefings are a very popular, special learning opportunity. Please see the section “Ten tips for doing a successful Country Briefing” on the SpICE web site.

Tours & Special Activities:
Notice will be given for all special activities. We will endeavor to make these either low or no cost.

Family & Visitors:
We want you to be proud of your SpICE Program participation. Visiting parents, family members and best friends are most welcome to come by and visit with us. But, space can sometimes be a problem. So it is imperative that we know ahead of time if you would like to bring in a guest. NOTE: SpICE Program cannot pick up any additional costs for any guest, such as site admissions or lunches.

Inspiration is Welcome:
Any and all questions, comments, suggestions, ideas or constructive input, are encouraged and most welcome. If you have an idea for an event that the group may enjoy doing together, let’s talk about it and see if we can make it happen! Not everything is doable. But, we will consider trying anything within reason!

During our time together, not only will we enjoy some great briefings, but we also hope to have some very special offsite trips, as well as presentations on various customs, holiday traditions, and interesting activities. Perhaps we will even talk about our hobbies. Learning about one another, our countries, customs, cultures, traditions, families, foods, and so on will only help us to understand one another better, which will help everyone to make friends and have fun during this very special time.

We hope to give everybody who wants to, the opportunity to step forward and take center stage at one of our meetings. So if you have an idea that you think the group would enjoy as an activity, please don’t wait until the last minute! TIME WILL FLY! Nobody knows what the future holds. Five or ten years from now, any of us could be visiting or even living in another part of the world. The bonds of friendship that we are building today could make future opportunities obvious.

Volunteer Facilitator Participation:
All SpICE Program facilitators are volunteers recruited from the current school year National War College Spouse Club (NWCSC), the Eisenhower School Spouse Club (ESSC), as well as NDU faculty and staff. Facilitators are expected to diplomatically discuss and answer questions on a wide range of subjects. Topics include, but are not limited to, questions on American English pronunciation, commonly used idioms and slang, as well as current events, holiday traditions, and the always complex and hard-to-explain American lifestyle. Working as a facilitator is a very real commitment. The mental gymnastics that are sometimes involved can make participation an intellectually challenging as well as immensely rewarding undertaking. The SpICE Program is a lot of fun, a terrific way to make some interesting new friends, and a great way to learn a little bit about yourself, your country, and the world around you.

Click here to read our Facilitator's Guide

The Next Level:
After enjoying the SpICE Program experience for a year, many indicate that they would love to continue with the program. This is not always possible. We have a set number of facilitator slots that will first be offered to the incoming members of the ES and NWC Spouse Clubs. For those who would like to participate in a program that is even more in depth and rewarding, please consider sponsoring an International Officer.

The good folks at ISMO are looking for people who want to represent the USA! If you would like more information on this extremely rewarding program, please contact the ISMO Office!