Col (Ret.) Jorge Ascunce, USMC

Deputy Director, International Student Management Office

Jorge Ascunce is the Deputy Director, International Student Management Office, National Defense University.  Previously, he deployed to Afghanistan where he served as the Strategic Logistic Planning and Policy Analyst for the Sustainment Enterprise Advisory Group, ISAF, developing long range sustainment plans for Afghan forces.  He is a career United States Marine Corps officer.  He began his time in the Marines as an infantryman, then transitioned into logistics where he spent the remainder of his career.  He served in the highest staff levels as the Executive Officer, Logistics Directorate, The Joint Staff, commanded one of the Corps' largest brigade-level training detachments, and served in combat during Operations Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom.  He retired from the USMC in the spring of 2013.  He assumed his current duties in early June after returning from Afghanistan.