Medical Healthcare Overview

IMS & Authorized Dependents Healthcare Coverage Overview

The International Student Management Office wants to ensure that all Fellows and their dependents have complete medical coverage. Unfortunately, life and accidents happen, and we want to ensure every student and their families have medical insurance/coverage in the event of an emergency. Upon arrival students will receive medical orientation briefings that will help them understand the U.S. healthcare system, how to purchase insurance and understand their medical insurance coverage and lastly, but most importantly understand what to do in the event of a medical emergency. Please see the sections below for further instruction and information: 

All International Military Students (IMS) and their authorized dependents are required to have healthcare coverage while in the United States. The IMS are responsible for all incurred healthcare bills, including co-payments, deductibles, and services not covered by: (1) Foreign Country Indemnification, (2) IMS Training Line Item for Medical Coverage, (3) Grant Programs (i.e. CTFP, IMET, etc.), (4) Reciprocal Healthcare Agreements (RCHA) or NATO/ Partnership for Peace (PfP) Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) or (5) Commercial healthcare insurance policies procured by the IMS. The U.S. healthcare system is a bit complex, however Medical Specialist, Ms. Dionne Whitby will be available to help students and their dependents navigate the U.S. healthcare system. Each option listed above will dictate how the IMS and their dependents will access healthcare; the details for each medical coverage type will be explained during the orientation program. 

Please note that proof of medical coverage/insurance must be provided to the Security Cooperation Officer (SCO) at the U.S. Embassy in the IMS' country prior to placing their dependents on the ITO. If the dependents are not on the ITO (i.e. medical insurance not purchased) they will not be authorized to accompany the IMS in the United States. 

Types of Coverage for IMS & Authorized Dependents:

(1) Foreign Country Indemnification means that the foreign country has agreed to provide direct payment to medical service providers for healthcare cost incurred by the IMS and/or their authorized dependents. Bills for healthcare services will be sent directly to the IMS' government entity with a U.S. address for payment. Bills should be paid within 90 days after the bill is sent.

(2) Training Case Line Item for Medical Coverage means that an FMS or FMF training case may provide medical coverage. If a country wishes to include payment of pregnancy, childbirth costs, and/or non-emergency dental care or other elective procedures for IMS and/ or their authorized dependents within this line, the details must be included in the ITO. 

(3) Grant Programs (e.g. IMET, CTFP, FMF cases with approved medical lines, etc.) pay for healthcare  for the IMS only.

(4) RCHA or NATO/PfP SOFA agreements require supplemental commercial healthcare insurance or indemnification by their government for medical services not covered under the RCHA or NATO/PfP SOFA.

(5) Commercial Healthcare Insurance policies must be DSCA compliant and meet the following requirements:

Please review the IF Medical Insurance Policy 2017 (located on the right) for more information and guidance regarding DSCA regulations and ISMO's insurance policy recommendations.

*Do not purchase any of the following policies: Global Underwriters, HCC Medical Insurance Services, LLC (also known as Atlas), Assist Card, Pan-American Life, Allianz, IMG Patriot Exchange, Seven Corners – Inbound USA, and Seven Corners – Inbound Immigrant. These policies are non-compliant. 

Medical Care Facilities for IMS and Authorized Dependents Stationed at NDU

There are two medical clinics for IMS only located at NDU, the Fort McNair Clinic and the Health & Fitness Directorate. The Fort McNair Clinic is a small on base clinic staffed to handle minor IMS sickness and illness during school hours. The Health & Fitness Director is staffed with a physical therapist, dietitian, doctor, nurse and medic; they are equipped to handle sports related injuries, conduct executive health assessments and blood screenings.  

Since NDU is located in the have of the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia area), there are several outstanding military hospitals (i.e. Fort Belvoir Community Hospital, Andrew Rader Health Clinic, and the Water Reed National Military Medical Center) in the area where IMS and their authorized dependents can receive medical care. In addition to the military hospitals, there are numerous high quality civilian hospitals in the area as well for dependents with private medical insurance.

Medical Insurance Policy Information

Please click the link below to learn more about DSCA medical insurance requirements, ISMO recommended insurance policies and more information outlining whats covered and not covered under NATO/PfP SOFA and RCHA healthcare agreements.

IF Medical Insurance Policy Information 2017

Child Immunizations & School Physicals

For students whose children will be attending Virginia Public Schools there are five medical requirements you must complete, please click the link below for more information.

Immunizations & School Physical Information 2017