Arrival / Report Date Information


We are excited to finally meet you next Monday, July 1st. As a friendly reminder, please ensure that both the corporate housing provider and ISMO have received all of your relevant flight information, so we can ensure a smooth pick-up for you. As an additional friendly reminder, you do NOT need to report to NDU prior to Monday the 1st. If you report to NDU on Saturday or Sunday, you will not be able to access the base, and no one from ISMO will be at the office.

If you are in USG-funded housing and have confirmed your arrival information with your housing provider, a shuttle driver will transport you to your lodging. The driver will be holding a large red sign that says "Suite Solutions Welcomes the International Fellows Class of 2020” and will also have a sign with your name. The driver will meet you at the following location based on your flight:

U.S. Domestic Flights: Baggage claim for your flight

International Flights: Outside U.S. Customs

We will be providing transportation for you from your lodging to NDU on Monday morning via private bus provider. The schedule for each pickup is below, and I have attached your week 1 inprocessing/orientation schedule to this email.  Please be ready outside your building at the assigned time. Return transportation will be on your own via metro. At the end of day 1 orientation ISMO staff will escort you to the nearest metro station and assist you in purchasing a metro card. Please bring at least $10 cash for this transaction.  All subsequent orientation days at NDU you will be responsible for your own travel to the campus.


Please bring your ITO, passport and I-94 with you. Also in addition to your passport, bring a second form of ID (Home country military or personal ID, and U.S. drivers licenses are acceptable, but it must be in Latin characters) for your U.S. Military ID appointment. The dress code is Class B uniforms for the entire first week. If any major issues arise over the weekend, please call Mr. McMillan’s work cell phone at (202) 288-7818, or alternatively Ms. DuBois at (202) 258-1548.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Directions to International Student Management Office (ISMO)