Arrival / Report Date Information


Welcome to the United States! We understand that COVID-19 has led to a very unique start to the school year - some of you will be completing your Restriction of Movement (ROM) shortly, some starting ROM on 11 July, and others executing the onboarding process from abroad. We hope to create an atmosphere where, no matter how the year started, all of you are equipped for great success in the program.


As such, please note that your onboarding and summer courses begin on Monday, 13 July, via Blackboard collaborate. You should have already received an email from Ms. May Chung regarding your Research and Writing course; if you did not, please notify your primary ISMO POC. We know that virtual learning may be new to many of you, and encourage you to review the materials provided by May Chung, as well as to utilize the following resources, so that you are prepared to participate on Monday:


-          What is Blackboard?

-          Blackboard Assignments:

-          Grades on Blackboard:

We wish you the best of luck in the coming school year!

Directions to International Student Management Office (ISMO)