Academic Information

For Fellows attending a one-year program at NDU (International Fellows Program or International Counter-terrorism Fellows Program), the Academic Program consists of two parts: the summer preparatory portion, and the academic year coursework.

Summer Academic Program

The goal of the Summer Academic Program is to get the Fellow and family settled so that he/she is able to concentrate on academics when school begins in August. The summer program begins in mid-June for NWC/ES and mid-July for CISA, and ends in early August. The first few days are devoted mainly to in-processing and briefings to help the Fellow get settled in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. During these weeks of summer, there are several tours of the local area, as well as picnics and other social gatherings. Families are included in most of the orientation events.

During the summer program, Fellows attend an accredited writing and research course (See link for English as a Second Language/Introduction to Graduate Writing and Research). International Fellows going to NWC and ES will also start the American Studies course. The American Studies course within the summer is designed to build understanding regarding key aspect of the United States, such as the economy, government, culture and people. The American Studies course will also prepare you for the curriculum taught within NWC and ES.

Academic Year Program

The NDU academic year for all students starts in early August. NWC and ES Fellows are assigned to a seminar that consists of U.S. military officers from all services as well as civilian students from various other government agencies, while CISA International Fellows make up the majority of the class with a minority of Americans. Fellows participate in the full curriculum and are treated exactly the same as every other student at NDU. Fellows must arrive fully qualified in the English language, as the University does not provide remedial language support.

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