American Studies Overview

The American Studies Concentration includes the American Studies Foundations course in the summer term (NDU6049) and continues in the fall (NDU6047/6030) and spring (NDU6048/6031) terms with the American Studies elective concentration.

International Fellows from the National War College (NWC), College of Information and Cyberspace (CIC), the Eisenhower School (ES) and the College of International Security Affairs (CISA) participate in the summer term. International Fellows and select American Fellows from NWC, CIC, and ES participate in the fall and spring terms.

The summer term covers American History and the foundational concepts of the American Government and the American way of life. The fall term covers the fundamentals of the American society through discussions on aspects of the American national identity. The spring term analyzes American institutions, including free market, health and human services, and the U.S. Government. Academic credit for the course includes classroom time, Field Studies Practicum pre-briefs, Field Study Practicum lab hours and assignments.

The certificate program includes classroom instruction, extensive travel through the field practicums and regional case studies, writing assignments, presentations and contribution to the seminar learning environment. Upon successful completion of the summer, fall, and spring terms, and attendance at the minimum number of Field Study practicums, an International Fellow will receive a certificate at graduation for completion of the American Studies Concentration.

American Fellows enrolled in this course will supplement the experience by contrasting their perspective with that of the International Fellows. American Fellows will only participate in the fall and spring terms but will also earn a certificate at graduation for successful completion of the concentration.

Introduction to Graduate Writing and Research (NDU 6100)

This course is specifically designed to enhance the English academic writing skills of non-native students and is taking the summer preceding the academic year. The course concentrates on American academic writing process, focus, thesis and organization, common complex writing structures, research strategies and documentation and conventions of American academic writing.

The syllabus can be found here: Syllabus for NDU6100 AY22_MFCedits51221.docx - Google Docs

Any additional questions regarding writing instruction can be directed to: 

May F. Chung, PhD
Academic Writing Specialist, ISMO
Writing Instructor, Library and Center For Excellence (C4E)
National Defense University