Academic Writing

NDU 6100 – Introduction to Graduate Research & Writing

This accredited and intensive writing course is specifically designed for non-native writers of English.  The course introduces or refreshes the International Fellow with the components of American academic writing: colleges and universities. The focus is improving the individual’s writing skill since skill set and experience in writing academically in English vary greatly among individuals.

Classes commence in the first weeks of summer orientation with 12 intensive sessions of writing topics that move from planning, organizing, and revising to finalizing academic papers. Addressing these topics before core and elective courses familiarizes Fellows with the standards and expectations of written work at the university level as well as in their colleges at NDU.

Topics for NDU 6100

  • Reading Strategies
  • The Writing Process
  • Focus and Purpose
  • Organizational Components
  • Style in Academic Writing
  • Common Sentences Errors
  • Research and Documentation
  • Mechanics

Coursework consists of informational briefings, group discussions, group work and assigned work and papers. Attendance is mandatory for those Fellows requiring formal instruction in improving their writing skill in English. Course is graded on a pass/fail basis for satisfactory completion of all assigned work.

A diagnostic sample essay, scheduled during the first week of summer orientation, determines individual writing skill for those Fellows requiring this course.

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