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 International Fellows Class of 2020 

Dear International Fellow:

Congratulations on your appointment to attend the United States National Defense University (NDU). Your time at NDU will be both rewarding and challenging. You will participate alongside your American classmates in a rigorous year-long academic program at one of NDU’s four colleges on its main campus: Eisenhower School for National Resource Strategy, the National War College, the College of International Security Affairs or the College of Information and Cyberspace. Additionally, you will join more than 100 other senior officers from countries all over the world during your time here. The International Fellows Program (IFP) begins with your arrival in Washington and concludes with graduation summer 2020. 

The main purpose of the NDU IFP is engagement of allied and friendly governments with the United States. Fellows are selected and sent to the United States for many reasons, academics being only one. You will live in the United States for eleven months and participate in many different activities during your stay. You will make life-long friends among the other Fellows, as well as with your American classmates. 

The International Student Management Office (ISMO) will be your primary point of contact at the university to assist you with your arrival and settlement in the Washington, DC area. We look forward to your participation in the International Fellows Program during the coming year. My staff and I extend a warm welcome to you. We look forward to meeting you and sharing a wonderful learning experience.


Ricardo Zuniga


International Student Management Office

National Defense University

Transition Team Welcome


Congratulations and welcome to the International Fellows Program! I would like to introduce myself as your main POC here at NDU. My name is Madeline DuBois, and I work in the International Student Management Office (ISMO). My coworker Mr. Andrew McMillan will also be able to assist you when I am not available (andrew.mcmillan.civ@ndu.edu).

Our office will help you transition from your country into your year-long program here at NDU in Washington, D.C. When you arrive here in D.C., ISMO staff will help you and your family settle in the area, and provide briefings on many topics like health insurance, driving in the U.S., American history and political systems. These weeks before you start your courses at the Eisenhower School, the National War College, or the College of International Security Affairs will ensure a smooth and comfortable transition for you and your family.

In the meantime, I will be sending you regular emails asking for information about you as well as giving you information about your stay here in D.C. If you have any questions along the way, do not hesitate to contact me via email or phone. To better prepare you for the weeks to come we have outlined the task list will accompany my regular e-mails, sent in the following order:

  • Personal Information Form Request
  • Lodging
  • Sponsorship and Country Mates
  • Dependent Medical
  • Dependent School
  • Family Support
  • IT Requirements
  • Academics
  • Post Arrival Task List
  • Arrival


Best regards,

Transition Team

International Student Management Office

National Defense University



American Studies Faculty

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Class of 2016 Comments on the American Studies Course

“I think American Studies (AS) is a necessary course for several reasons. AS at the beginning program helps newcomers integrate each other, the International Fellows are from different countries with different customs, ways to think, and sometimes with different ways to understand the world. AS helps International Fellows to understand the American way to see the world. At the same time, AS brings closer our friendly ties. The American Studies makes us admire and feel a part of American Culture. In short, in my particular point of view, after this American Studies Course I feel myself an US ambassador.”
“American Studies has shown me the real and diverse society that forms the U.S. and therefore the way of thinking and making decision especially from the strategic leaders’ standpoint which is very relevant and vital to my future career. Indeed, I do believe that I will be able to make our leadership understand why the U.S. leadership would have made any decision in the future and it's important because before coming here, it was very hard to understand some reactions or actions made by the U.S.”
“I feel the program is almost 50% of my total experience at NDU. The course won't be the same for the IFs without a program like this.”
“This is a great program, incomparable to any other program on this subject known to me. Field Practicums make the experience holistic. Now I know more about America, and know how to track changes and update myself on American issues.”