Sponsorship Event Schedule 2016-2017

The Community Sponsorship Program hosts group events throughout the year. Sponsors are expected to attend as many of the group events as possible. Sponsors should not rely on the group events as their only source of interaction with the Officer they are sponsoring. The best Sponsor-Officer relationship will be a combination of ISMO hosted group events and events outside of NDU with just the Sponsor and the Officer (and their families).

The tentative schedule for the 2016-2017 academic year is as follows:

In-Processing Meet & Greet (June 2016)

The Officers typically arrive in the U.S. on a Saturday, and start their program that Monday. They go through a rigorous in-processing. Part of that in-processing includes a Meet & Greet session that occurs towards the end of their first week here. It is critical that sponsors attend this event. This is the sponsor's first opportunity to meet the officer in person, and the odds are that the officer has a lot of questions, and needs the support of their community sponsor. Sponsors will come to NDU, meet and get to know the officer, exchange contact information, and plan a time to meet in the future.

4th of July Reception (July 2016)

The 4th of July Picnic is one of  the first events of the year that facilitates relationship building among the Officers and their sponsors. The
Officers have not yet adjusted to life in the US and everything is still fairly new to them; this event introduces the International Fellows and their families to American-style celebrations “cookouts” and provides an opportunity for them to meet and socialize with their American sponsors and other local American families for the first time. Sponsors will enjoy socializing with the Officers over cookout food and have a great vantage point to watch the fireworks across the river at the National Mall.

Tour of D.C. (July 2016)

The Tour of D.C. is an opportunity for the officers and their sponsors to spend the day with each other, as well as see sites like the Library of Congress,  the Botanical Gardens, Eastern Market, and the various DC memorials that are not included in the large, group tour the officers get during their in-processing. The officer will get to see unique sites; such as speaking to the woman who has lived in a plastic tent across from the White House since 1981. The sponsor will enjoy getting to know their city all over again, and be able to answer questions from the officer.

Director’s Reception (Aug 2016)

The Director’s Reception is an outdoor barbecue on the ISMO patio that allows the Director of the International Student Management Office to informally welcome all of the International Fellows and their families to the United States and the National Defense University community. It is the first event where officers from all of the colleges are at NDU and serves as a great icebreaker (that includes a water balloon fight) to introduce the the officers studying at the College of International Security Affairs to their sponsors.

Air Force/Navy/Army Production (September 2016)

Every year, the International Student Management Office looks for events that are put on by the U.S. Air Force, Navy or Army. When schedule and location permits, ISMO will arrange a date to attend an Air Show at one of the military bases in the DMV area. Officers, Sponsors, and family members will enjoy spending time with each other and watching the USAF Thunderbirds, or the USN Blue Angels performing amazing feats, typically free of charge. Other years, Sponsors and Officers attend events like the U.S. Army's Spirit of America. Either way, it is always a fun event, and helps to expose the Officer to another aspect of American culture.

Fall Welcome Reception (September 2016)

The purpose of the Welcome Reception is to officially welcome the current class of International Fellows and their spouses to the National Defense University. It is also recognizes the outstanding efforts and service of local Americans who participate in the NDUā€ISMO Sponsor program. The Welcome Reception is important because it highlights the value and importance of the International Programs at NDU, the contributions of the International Officers to the National Defense University, and reminds every one of the important roles cultural and educational exchange plays in the global effort to build a stronger international community. Sponsors will enjoy an evening at the formal event, socializing with the officer they sponsor and getting to know NDU staff members who support the officer.

DC United Tailgate and Soccer (October 2016)

The International Student Management Office will negotiate group rates with DC United. Sponsors and Officers will have to pay their own way for this event, but for the 2015 game the tickets were a mere $15 per person. The group rates will also help to secure a tailgating tent at RFK stadium. The Sponsor will have the opportunity to participate in a potluck style tailgate, and enjoy the soccer game with the officer and their family for a very affordable price.

Thanksgiving Dinner with host families (November 2016

We ask that all of our Sponsors who are able invite the Officer and their family to join them for a Thanksgiving celebration. For Sponsors who go out of town for the holiday, the ISMO office works to identify 1-time volunteers to host our Officers for Thanksgiving dinner. It is important that all Officers who want to spend Thanksgiving with an American family have the opportunity to do so, as it provides insight into a very American holiday, and the traditions that come with it. We expect that this event will give the Officer a deeper understanding of both American culture and history. 

Group Bowling at Joint Base Myers-Henderson (March 2017)

The International Student Management Office will arrange a date and a time to go as a group of Officers and their Sponsors (families invited as well) to nearby the nearby Joint Base Myers-Henderson bowling alley. This is another pay your own way event, with extremely discounted prices. Sponsors will enjoy bowling with the Officer they are sponsoring, and their families, to help ensure that contact has not fallen off after the Winter holidays.

Sponsor Appreciation Evening (May 2017)

The Sponsor Appreciation Evening is an event held at Fort McNair to celebrate and thank our Sponsors for all their hard work throughout the year. Sponsors will enjoy food and drink, and the Officers will have the opportunity to formally thank their Sponsor and exchange personal contact information to help keep in touch.