Now accepting applications for American Fellows, Class of 2018! - Wednesday, August 09, 2017

The American Fellows program incorporates American students into the International Fellows program for a semester. The class includes weekly classroom lectures and discussions and funded travel twice a semester. This application for BOTH semesters is due by 1700 on Monday, August 14th. Selected candidates will be interviewed between 1100-1600 on August 16th. Special Note: NWC will interview NWC finalized candidates on August 17th.

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Welcome to American Studies!

Field Studies Practicum to Peoria, Illinois learning about the Agricultural Industry in the United States and its contributions to the U.S. economy - IF Class of 2016

What: American Studies is a course that focuses on 11 academic objectives that helps senior international officers obtain a balanced understanding of American culture and society.  These objectives include Human Rights, U.S. Government Institutions, U.S. Political Processes, the U.S. Judicial System, the Free Market Economic System, News and Social Media, the Educational System, the Health and Human Services structure, Law of War, International Peace and Security and Diversity and American Life. During the course, we will explore the American perspective on these various systems through our examination of American history and will discuss how these institutions are rooted in the U.S. Constitution, have changed over the years, and are still changing and being debated. By studying the complexities of American society, our fellows develop analytic tools they can use to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of certain U.S. institutions and policies.

How:  The AS class meets approximately 12 times a semester in a classroom setting on Wednesday afternoons and travels on multiple field practicums each year. Both American History and American systems are presented in detail for the fellows. The international fellows (IFs) apply the lessons from class during field practicums, where we learn about the class objectives at various companies and government locations. In the past, we have visited companies like Twitter, Ford, and Boeing, and government locations like a U.S. District Court, the USDA Agricultural Research Service, and the Army Corps of Engineers. We also see schools, national parks, a prison, non-governmental organizations, study racial relations, and receive strategic briefings on corporate and government strategy. We allow fellows to experience the diversity and pluralism in American society and to serve as case studies in success and failure.

Who: Dr. Brittany Bounds is the Assistant Professor of American Studies.  Other members of the ISMO academic team as well as faculty members from the colleges assist in content delivery.  

When: In the summer, American Studies meets three times a week. During the fall and spring semesters, American Studies meets every Wednesday afternoon when college electives meet. We travel about twice per semester, and to minimize missing college time, we travel on many three-day holiday weekends. Families are allowed on the New York City and Philadelphia trips, and spouses are allowed on several of the other trips.

Where: American Studies meets in the ISMO classroom and breaks out into seminars in smaller classrooms in Lincoln Hall. The travel plan for field practicums will be presented during Orientation, as plans change from year to year.

Why: Our overall goal is to foster joint security cooperation among nations.  By building lifelong relationships, we anticipate that national conflicts can be resolved through the friendships formed in the program. We also hope that International Fellows will gain a deeper understanding of America as a country and society. We also learn about the countries from which the IFs come and foster a mutual respect.  


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Introductory American Studies Readings
Additional Information

To view Dr. Brittany Bound's CV or the previous year's syllabi please click the links below:

  1. Brittany Bounds CV
  2. American Studies Foundations Syllabus Summer 2016
  3. American Studies Syllabus Fall 2016
  4. American Studies Syllabus Spring 2017
*Please note that these have been archived for reference only. Syllabi are constantly evolving in response to Fellows' feedback on the course. 
Class of 2016 Comments on the American Studies Course

“I think American Studies (AS) is a necessary course for several reasons. AS at the beginning program helps newcomers integrate each other, the International Fellows are from different countries with different customs, ways to think, and sometimes with different ways to understand the world. AS helps International Fellows to understand the American way to see the world. At the same time, AS brings closer our friendly ties. The American Studies makes us admire and feel a part of American Culture. In short, in my particular point of view, after this American Studies Course I feel myself an US ambassador.”

“American Studies has shown me the real and diverse society that forms the U.S. and therefore the way of thinking and making decision especially from the strategic leaders’ standpoint which is very relevant and vital to my future career. Indeed, I do believe that I will be able to make our leadership understand why the U.S. leadership would have made any decision in the future and it's important because before coming here, it was very hard to understand some reactions or actions made by the U.S.”

“I feel the program is almost 50% of my total experience at NDU. The course won't be the same for the IFs without a program like this.”

“This is a great program, incomparable to any other program on this subject known to me. Field Practicums make the experience holistic. Now I know more about America, and know how to track changes and update myself on American issues.”